This month, at our regular meeting, 30 people came, including a new member, George Norton. It was a good thing most of us brought our own chairs, since they were missing from the park again. We had a little fun with John Slezak’s adult toy, a rocking horse big and sturdy enough for an adult to ride on. John showed us the jigs he made to assist him in making the cuts and explained how he got his patterns. He’s made quite a few of these over the years, and they sell well. Contact him if you would like a copy of the plans.

John kept his presentation somewhat brief, which allowed us to spend more time on Show & Tell and drawings. At least 10 people presented their projects for Show & Tell, among them, Bob Eslinger who had brought in his completed pi table.

Also, Ben Ferrel, from Woodcraft, spoke to us all about a possible class in making Sam Maloof type chairs. Some of us are thinking …

James Mullins was our guest at Denny’s shop meet. A former machinist, he has developed metal and wood jigs to help him make fluted bowls of all sizes. The bowls with curving flutes are especially attractive, and he brought State Fair award-winning samples to show us.

The spring picnic was a delight. Thank you, Larry, and everyone who brought such good food. It turned out that Rothenbach Park was a pretty nice site for our potluck. The 2X4 Contest, won by Terry Bair, Marty Dwyer, and John Philips, did not contain very many entries. Perhaps it is time for a change?

Then on the next day we had the Shop Meet at the Darovec’s garage/ driveway/shop. We had a nice turn-out, but it didn’t take long for the bugs to drive us indoors. Larry had sent the extra meat, some salads, and sodas for us to serve, so we enjoyed a feast on our screened patio. Larry brought up the subject of changing the 2X4 contest, and several ideas were discussed. He especially wants people to be able to make entries using good wood. Keep your ears open, and if you have an idea, be sure to mention it to Larry or one of your board members.

See you in May,

Susan Darovec