Floyd Yoder speaks on clamps and their use in woodworking: “Cee what I mean?”

Floyd Yoder gave an informative talk based on his own experiences with clamps, including sharing some of his favorites that he uses in his work everyday.  During an informal question and answer session, the question of removing dried glue on the clamps came up.  The June audience offered that the clamps could be waxed with wax, or a layer of waxed paper could be inserted between the clamp and the work.  Alternately, the clamps could have a layer of blue painter’s tape applied and easily removed after the glue up is finished.  One member offered that he just lets the glue dry, and then it is removed by hitting it sharply.

Floyd offered that his least favorite clamp type is the one-handed clamp which met with much disagreement from the June membership, and a friendly debate ensued.  Floyd’s experience was that the one-hand clamps do not offer enough clamping power, and there was further disagreement on that point, but it all comes down to a matter of personal preference.

For a bar clamp bar graph, refer to the March 2013 Wood Magazine (issue 217) page 43 in which a total of eleven clamping results are tabulated.  There the editors laid out an assortment of bar clamps along with the tested average clamp force in pounds.  Clamps are available in all ranges, from the DeWalt Medium with a test force of 72 pounds to the Irwin Quick-Grip XP600 with a tested force of 386 pounds.  This issue in not yet available for download in digital form or available for purchase in paper format at woodmagazine.com/store.  Wood magazine has not yet granted permission to see the entire chart on our website, so if you have to, beg, borrow, or steal a copy from your friend!

John Darovec with his flute

John Darovec with his flute

While John has the full run of his shop, he worked on this flute that he brought to show and tell.

Denny's flat segmented bowl

Denny’s flat segmented bowl

Denny brought in a bowl he made from flat segments.  I am going to have to interrupt show and tell to get better pictures of this work, so patience please,-ed.


June winners

June winners

Leslie, Denny, Jeff, Floyd, John, and Rick are the June winners.  Note the preponderance of prizes from our sponsor, Woodcraft in Tampa!


While Denny finishes recuperating, Harold Haines offered his shop for a turning demonstration.  Sorry I couldn’t make it Harold.  Anyone have a few pictures from that meeting?  I can try to post them if they are emailed to the webmaster.

Content and original photographs provided by Andrew DiLorenzo.