It’s the end of July and time to look back.

John Slezak did a nice presentation on shop safety at our general meeting.  22 members and 3 guests listened as John spoke of accidents and dangerous levels of noise and pollutants.  There are many devices that will help protect us, and we should make use of them.   Talk with him if you have concerns about your safety or someone else’s.  Thanks, John.

On the 15th, Denny hosted the Turners’ Meet.  He amazed us with his tilted bowl made of closed segments.  It looks like he made good use of the time when his shoulder wasn’t healed enough for him to work at his lathe.  When else would someone measure and make the multitude of precise cuts required for this unusual piece of art?  Is it done yet?  Thanks, Denny.

This month’s Shop Meet was held at Tony D’Alberto’s.  Good eats; good company; good conversations.  Thanks, Tony.

Coming events in August:  On the 14th, we will have a general meeting about finishes, presented by our own members.  On the 19th, Denny will host another Turners’ Meet.  And on the 26th, Andy DiLorenzo will host the Shop Meet.