Tony was nice enough to open his well used shop to us for a shop meet.  He was also excited to show off some of his custom embroidery equipment–when Tony says, “Darn it,” he may not mean what you think!

Some guests at Tony's shop solve the world's problems

Tony shows off some of his club door prizes.


Clearly Tony needs on of those tools to open plastic packaging!


One of his projects in progress.


Tony may drive this Toyota more than his station wagon.  This embroidery machine is computer driven and can push needles faster that the eye can see.


A close up of a custom embroidery in progress.


Tony sends  requested embroidery designs out to someone who digitizes them for use on his machine.  When asked, Tony refuses to divulge his sources.  If you need a custom embroidery job, contact Tony directly, his shirt or yours.


Some shop meet guests solve the world’s problems with the help of the graciously provided refreshments.  Thanks Tony!

Contents of this post and original photographs provided by Andrew DiLorenzo