2014 Holiday Feast and Fund Raiser on December 10

A lot went on at this meeting and hopefully this brief recount will bring back some warm memories to the attendees.  To those unable to attend, we missed you and perhaps you can attend next time.  Larry got us started on the food early, even though some people went backwards in line.

The food was set up along one wall, and the pictures were quickly snapped before the hungry hordes descended.   Mike Swart stood guard over the desserts, so no pictures are available there!  The ham and turkey were both moist and tender, and the variety of other foods was diverse.  Members and spouses had their choice of salads and rolls and side vegetables and potatoes done three or four different ways, including sweet potatoes.  Needless to say, some people went back for seconds several times. Mike Swart’s mom made the centerpieces which were free for the taking after the party.

The real dessert however was the annual fund raiser.  Members donated two items they had made with the idea that one item was to be selected by the spouses and one item was to be auctioned off.   A few members brought in some extra items in case someone was too busy this year to contribute.  As usual, the spouses were assigned a selection order by chance to select their gift from the table and the auction followed.

Denny Wetter once again volunteered to be auctioneer.  It is amazing how Denny can keep counting up with the numbers, even when no one is bidding.  But that is no wonder, as a Vanna White impersonator (Mike Swart) was distracting the crowd by showing off the club’s handiwork.  Here, the variety of work matched the variety of food.  There were no losers in the bidding wars.  The auction donations will almost cover the cost of the meeting room for the next year, and help keep the dues amount low.  By the way, dues of $35.00 are due now for 2015.

Officer elections for 2015 were held after a roundup of the usual suspects.  Of course their names were changed to protect the guilty—who cares about the innocent. Good luck in performing your duties for the next year.


Officers elect are:

President:                           Mike Swart

Vice-President:                 John Darovec

Secretary;                           Susan Darovec

Treasurer:                           John Phillips

Librarian:                             Terry Bair

The annual party was a good time, and perhaps this tongue in cheek account brings back some of those happy feelings.

Pictures & text by Andy DiLorenzo

Party pictures below

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