There were 38 people present at the February meeting.

February’s presentation was by Don Huffer, who had designed a vertical or horizontal  router lift and table.

Don Huffer

Don Huffer

His will allow you to install the router either vertically or horizontally, with a screw action to raise and lower the router and bit within the table. His lift is made from wood and regular bolts and screws. With his lift, he can do router adjustments as fine as 1/1000th of an inch. Unlike  other lifts his does not hang on the table top, but attaches to the inside of the table instead. This allows the top of the table to be raised on hinges. The fence on his table came from  Fine Woodworking, but the table and the lift are all his design.IMG_0919 IMG_0921 He assembled his table without glue, just using screws.  Don handed out DVD’s with the plans for how to build the router lift and table. They include descriptions and pictures. He normally sells these plans all over the world on ebay for $20.  Thanks Don. A copy of these plans will be in our library.


Dues are due.

Denny Wetter will have a Turners’ Meet Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 7 p.m.

Fred Damianos will host the Shop Meet, Monday, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m.

State Fair fine woodworking supervision is all set; tickets are handed out.

Woodworkers Show in Tampa, March 20-22. Terry Bair still needs help with our table.

The man cut down the pecan tree; two of our members got some wood.

Mike Swart brought in some camphor to give away.

Thelma Proctor brought in some orange and other wood to give away.

Mike Swart will be bringing some ash and red oak to sell, the end of June

Floyd has some Bischofia wood from a tree he cut down to give away

John Philips brought in the obituary for Harold Lowery

Next meeting: March 11

Tredway Childress encouraged us to go see the pentathlon; 3 members helped build for it

Ed Fraser said the SunCoast Science Center will have machinery for wood and metal cutting

Ask the Experts:IMG_0925

John Slezak fielded questions about band saws—maximum width blade size, why a wheel comes off, what to use to support re-sawing, a source for custom blades, why we should  keep wood away from sand, how to band saw green wood.

Show & Tell:

Terry Bair brought a tray and scrollsaw workIMG_0901 IMG_0903IMG_0899

Susan Darovec brought a cherry bowlIMG_0906

Mike Swart showed us his library ladder installed, via video

Denny Wetter brought in 3 bowls made from boardsIMG_0912 IMG_0911

John Darovec brought in a wooden stethoscopeIMG_0908

Fred Damianos brought in rosewood napkin ringsIMG_0907

David While brought in a fabulous walnut tableIMG_0926

John Philips brought in a Bischofia bowlIMG_0909

Ed Fraser brought in a bowl pan and locksIMG_0916

Jeremy Williams brought in some wine bottle-mounted wine glass holdersIMG_0910

Jeff Gunthart brought in some spoons he carved from logsIMG_0900

Lowell Newland brought in a bowl and a black soldier fly larvae contraption

Joe Mathis brought in a fretwork pictureIMG_0898

Reuel Detweiler brought in an eagle intarsiaIMG_0897

John Slezak brought in a door from the outdoor kitchen at the doctor’s houseIMG_0913


Raffle -Joe Manke won the router table; Mike Pass won the clamps; Jeffrey Gunthart won a spokeshave

Show & Tell 4th Quarter Prize: Ed Columbo $50 gift certificate from Woodcraft