I know it is a very busy time of the year, but the members who participated in the clubs first annual tool garage sale had a break from the there hectic schedule. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning and make a little money while clearing out some of your unwanted stuff.¬† That is, you made a little money if you didn’t turn spend it on something you just couldn’t live without. What a deal!

To put in three words ” We Had a Ball”. Our fearless leader, Mike,was lucky to get out alive after suggesting to every woman who came in that, he had a tool for her, a shop vac and a microwave. If she was with her husband he was quick to suggest that a shop vac would make a good mothers day present.

Susan and John  graciously had coffee and sweet roll for breakfast and wonderful sandwiches for lunch, Thanks.

IMG_1025 IMG_1024

Dont forget , regular monthly meeting this Wednesday!