There were 29 members present and 1 guest, Tom Zarse.


John Philips was our presenter. He had made a tall box clock out of wood. He explained that there would be 3 ways to make a clock: You can buy a ready made kit and assemble it; you can find an old clock and refurbish it; or you can work from scratch from directions (such as the gear ratios). The kit he purchased was composed of a cord, the few metal parts, templates, 2 DVD’s (which he had to print out, about 160 pages) and the pin router. Even the gears were made by John out of wood. As he made this piece, he corresponded with the designer, Wayne S. to work out the problems. So he drew it, cut it, smoothed it and assembled it, in stages. Thinking he was an experienced participant in the State Fair, the judges awarded John second place. He put about 4 months of work in this. John’s comment: To make a clock, you must have a screw loose.

IMG_1493 IMG_1494

Club Business

Turners’ Meet November17, Denny Wetter’s house

Shop Meet, Marvin Stoltzfus’ house, November 23

Next general meeting is the Holiday Party, December 9 at Advantage Lumber, 6:00 p.m.

Terry Bair: Wood and Tool Show, March 19-21

John Slezak: Missing in America Project, see photos of celebration

State Fair: another category (guitars)


Show & Tell


Terry Bair—Christmas ornaments

IMG_1498IMG_1500John Philips—urns and turned vase

Fred Damianos—walnut corner shelves, modified


Denny Wetter—walnut bowl

Joe Mathis—intarsia rose and bud


Thelma pyrograph


Andy DiLorenzo


Marvin Stoltzfus


Reuel Detweller