There were 34 members in attendance at the meeting and six guests (Bus Maslin, Anita Gary, Harold Berg, Lloyd Shaffer, Brent Meyer, and Andrei Ioroachesay).  Total attendance – 40.

IMG_1780 IMG_1779

Our guest speaker was again Ed Goldberg, who completed his presentation on how to make an inlaid Compass Rose.  In this session he demonstrated how to cut the pattern from the substrate.  1. Score the outline. 2. Use a trim router to remove the wood from the central area.  3. Use a router plane to cut along the edges, finishing the points with a fine knife.  Use wood glue, sparingly, and set the inlay in carefully.  Press against a plastic wrapped block of wood until dry (about 2 hours).  Then use a card scraper to remove the veneer tape and sand to satisfaction.  Use a finish of your choice.

IMG_1756 IMG_1755

Upcoming Events

                  April Demonstration Meet (April 18 at 7:00 p.m.) is at Terry Bair’s   house.  This is part 2 on scroll sawing.

April Shop Meet (April 25 at 7:00 p.m.) is at Fred Damianos’ house.

Show & Tell


Denny Wetter – 3 turnings from cubes with lids



John Slezak – Cigar display box



Joe Mathis – fretwork (framed grist mill)        IMG_1772

Fred Damianos – four salad bowls


Terry Bair – 2 X 4 table, scrollwork ornaments

Larry Simmons – plane, window mullion

John Philips – basket, 2 X 4 chair

John Philips – basket, 2 X 4 chair


Andy DiLorenzo – 2 X 4 wine and cheese set

Sid Mann – saw, spacing blocks, multi-tool


Reuel Detweiler – eagle intarsia



John Darovec – racing “trophy”


Daryl Walters – pens, pepper mills, fretwork



Marty Cole – charging station for computers etc.


Floyd Yoder – 2 X 4 step stool


Mike Swart – 2X4 treasure chest


Next Month – May 11, 2016  “If I ever do it again …”