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Month: May 2016

May General Meeting – “If I had to do it again I would….”

Florida Westcoast Woodworkers Club

May 11, 2016


There were 27 members in attendance at the meeting and four guests ,Total attendance – 31.

Several Club members gave short talks about “If I Ever Do It Again…”.

  Presenters were:

Dennis Daudelin – A whistling top that didn’t whistle.

Terry Bair – A table made from a two by four that developed a cupped top.

John Darovec – A wooden towel rack that wasn’t water resistant.

Susan Darovec – Turned bowls that developed cracks and when glue applied to cover the crack a black circle was left around the crack.

Larry Simmons – Made a replacement handle for a plane, but when put together it didn’t line up right so the handle had to be reworked.

Mike Swart – Made a head and footboard for a bed, but when it was tried out…it squeaked.

Denny Wetter – Turning a bowl and turned the bottom off of it.

John Philips – Remodeled the inside of a 1935 Rolls Royce – wouldn’t do it again.

Sid Mann – Sharpened and replaced blades on a planer.  Accidentally left the wrench in the planer and started it up.

Ed Goldberg – Created an inlay, but should have used a different technique for gluing.

Business Meeting

  May Demonstration Meet (May 16 at 7:00 p.m.) is at Advantage Lumber.

May Shop Meet (May 25 at 7:00 p.m.) is at Ed Columbo’s house. (Bring a chair)

Show & Tell

            Joe Mathis                intarsia clown

Fred Damianos        magic beads

Denny Wetter           display cases for miniatures

Dennis Daudelin     laminated bowl

Mike Swart                butterfly box

Ed Goldberg              inlay

Andy DiLorenzo       bowls

Thelma Proctor         wooden scoop and spatula

Art Stadlin                 band saw box

Ed Fraser                   door lock

John Philips             flag display, bat house

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May Demonstration meeting – Advantage Lumber

What an interesting meeting! Advantage Lumber has add urban forestry milling to there  products line. Jason Peters is in charge of there urban forestry division. He showed samples of all the verities of lumber they are sawing with there two saw mills. He They get the logs from local arborest and cut them up into mainly 4/4 boards. The species they are currently cutting are: Long Leaf Pine, Live Oak, Laurel Oak, Silk Oak, Monkey Pod, Australian Pine, Cuban Laurel, Eucalyptus, Norfolk Island Pine, and Cypress.  They have two vacuum kilns that heat the wood with hot water running through aluminum plates (see picture), while at the same time pulling a vacuum. There is a rubber diaphragm that is sucked down on the lumber by the vacuum excreting nearly 2000# / sqft, which helps to keep the wood from warping. You can see some of the wood at woodslabs.com. Jason said there was a  price list there but I couldn’t fine it. He is sending us a complete price list for all there hardwood which I will forward when I get it.

IMG_1866 IMG_1865 IMG_1864 IMG_1863 IMG_1862 IMG_1861 IMG_1860 IMG_1859 IMG_1858 IMG_1856 IMG_1855

Mikes drinking again, what are we going to do with him.

Mikes drinking again, what are we going to do with him.