There were 32 members in attendance at the meeting and four guests (Al Bibbero, David Lokenzini, Jasen Benoit and Ethan Benoit) for a total of 36 people in attendance.



This evening’s presentation was by John Slezak. First, John showed how to tune-up Larry Simmons old bandsaw and then he demonstrated a few bandsaw techniques.In tuning up the bandsaw, he demonstrated how to true up the blade – make sure it is fitted properly on the tires (set blade teeth on center of tires). Sometimes though, as in the case of this bandsaw, new tires are needed to properly true up the blade in order to get a straight cut.  John brought an extra blade (or two) with him to show how to install a new blade and adjust the tension.  To demonstrate some bandsaw techniques, he used a 1/8” blade to show how to make tighter curved cuts.He demonstrated some cuts and showed us a couple of puzzles he made using the bandsaw.


Business Meeting and Announcements

A reminder –

  • Club DVD library – see Terry Bair if you would like to check out any how-to DVDs.
  • Club shirts for sale – see Tony DAlberto

Nametags:John Philips asked that we give him our name tags.  He plans to have them redone so that instead of a pin back they will have a magnetic back.

Upcoming Events

SeptemberDemonstration Meet and Shop Meet: For reasons beyond their control, the demonstrator for this month’s Demonstration Meet and the host for this month’s Shop Meet have had to cancel those events.  If anyone can do one of those events, please let Joe Mannke know.  This month the Demonstrator Meet would normally be on the 19th and the Shop Meet would be on the 26th.

Demonstration Meets: We have three more opportunities for people to sign-up for Demonstration meets.

Shop Meets: We only need someone for this month.

  • Executive Board: By November – asking for people to volunteer for Club positions.
  • Holiday Meeting: December 14, 2016 Asking members to make two wood gifts.
  • FL State Fair: February 9-20, 2017 (Need volunteers.)
  • Wood Working Show (FL State Fairgrounds): March 17-19, 2017 (Need volunteers.)
  • Picnic: April 2017 (Remember the 2X4 contest.)

A member donated a vice and it was auctioned off for $57.img_2201

Show & Tell

John Slezak – puzzles

Dennis Daudelin – miniature turnings

Joe Mathis – Carved plaque -horses

Denny Wetter – Turned bowl

Mike Swart – trellis

Terry Bair – Toys (noise makers)

Steve Christoffers – unusual shaped wood art

Sid Mann – Struts

Fred Damianos – 3 turned candle holders

Mary Lou Spottswood- small laser cut wood plaque

John Philips – 4 turned bowls

Larry Simmons – Magazine rack

img_2169 img_2174 img_2175 img_2177 img_2172 img_2184 img_2200 img_2199 img_2196 img_2195 img_2194 img_2192 img_2189 img_2188 img_2186 img_2183 img_2181 img_2179

Next Month’s Meeting – October 12, 2016 at Advantage Lumber.