There were 58 people in attendance at the 2016 Holiday Party. That number includes club members and their spouses as well as guests.

Club members brought side dishes and desserts to share with the main course of turkey and ham.

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Club members also brought two handmade wood articles – one was used as gift give away to the ladies in the group and the second item as an auction item.

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Our auctioneer, Denny Wetter did his usual great job auctioning off items for the club. It was a wonderful evening of food, fellowship and fun.img_2401

Business Meeting and Announcements

John Darovec thanked people for their help with the club this past year and had this to say – “Thank you to the Board of Directors –

Founding Member Floyd Yoder for supplying historical perspective;

Treasurer John Philips for historical perspective and for handing our money in a way only he understands;      

Secretary Thelma Proctor for recording information our aging minds don’t remember;

Webmaster and electronics guru Larry Simmons for keeping us in the current century;

Past President Mike Swart for contributing to everything especially our understanding of open fire cooking; and

Vice-President Joe Mannke for handling our fun activities, like tonight.

Also, want to thank our perpetual volunteers –

John Slezak for handling our check-in desk, door prizes and raffles,

Terry Bair for handling our library and ensuring our annual presence at the Tampa Woodworkers Show, and

Tony D’Alberto for keeping us in high quality yet low cost clothes. A special thanks goes to the folks here at Advantage Lumber. I can’t imagine anything more that anyone could want in a place to meet.


TRANSITION – All the aforementioned will be returning to their positions next year.  The exceptions are:

Joe Mannke – Club President,

John Darovec – Past President,

Rick Anderson – Vice President.”


Upcoming Events:

There will be no December demonstration meet or Shop meet due to the holidays.

  • FL State Fair: February 9-20, 2017 (Need volunteers for the last weekend.)
  • Wood Working Show (FL State Fairgrounds): March 17-19, 2017 (Need volunteers.)
  • Picnic: April 2017 (Remember the 2X4 contest.)


The following people brought handmade items for giveaways and/or auction:

            Fred Damianos, John & Susan Darovec, John Slezak, John Philips, Terry Bair, Thelma Proctor, Denny Wetter, Larry Simmons, Floyd Yoder, Bob Eslinger, John Peasley, Marvin Stoltzfus, Dennis Daudelin, Mike Swart, Daryl Walters, Al Downs, Mike Dummett, Rick Anderson, Adam Ross, Neil McCullough, Reuel Detweiler, and Jerry Askins.


Next Month’s Meeting – January 11, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.


Happy New Year!