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Month: April 2017

April General Meeting – Bob Eslinger – Sketchup 102

Rick Anderson, Club vice-president, started the meeting at 7:00 pm.  He welcomed everyone and asked for those that were first time guests to introduce themselves.  There were 45 people in attendance at this month’s meeting. That number included five guests


Bob Eslinger gave Part two of his SketchUp presentation. In this session, Bob gave us a step by step practical demonstration of how the program is used.  He created a 3D drawing for building an end table. The steps included – Create table legs, aprons, mortise & tenons and table top.  This modeling computer program is used for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscaping, and civil and mechanical engineering. (https://www.sketchup.com/)  The SketchUp Make is a free downloadable version of the program.  There is also a more advanced version that you can buy.  There is a copy of the SketchUp Make in our club’s DVD Library. 

Business Meeting and Announcements

There are “Sign-up” sheets for the Monthly Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets located on the table opposite the Sign-In table. We still need people to sign up for these.


  • Demonstration Meet (Monday, April 17) is at John Philip’s shop – 660 Percheron Circle, Nokomis, FL at 7:00 pm. Building a “Lady desk” and how to make feet on table legs. Bring a chair.
  • Shop Meet (Monday, April 24) is at Mike Swart’s shop – 4311 Maygog Road, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm. Bring a chair.Scroll saw demonstrations (May15 and June 19) – at Terry Bair’s shop – 4844 Three Oak Blvd, Sarasota, FL at 7:00 pm.  He will demonstrate how to use and secure patterns, look at the different types of blades and how they are used and go over some cutting tips and techniques. Bring a chair.Reminder – Check out Advantage Lumber’s webpage by going to AdvantageLumber.com.  If you want, there is a place at the bottom of the page for comments and you can“Like” them on facebook.  We appreciate all that they do for our club.

    Free, used radial arm saw (1970s model): contact Jerry Schipano at 941-786-8409.

    Show and Tell:

    Joe Mathis – Raccoon in hollow tree (intarsia)

    Fred Damianos – Circles mirror frame (2X4), book ends

    Mike Swart – Bandsaw box (2X4)

    Marvin Stoltzfus – Segmented bowl w/painted flowers (2X4), baseball bat and ball w/stand containing Advantage Lumber logo

    John Philips – picture of gentleman from Croatia that visited John and who he showed how to use some of his shop tools.  Good way to encourage international relations.

    Steve Christoffers – wooden measuring tool.  Used to measure foot size for shoes.

    Terry Bair – Beanbag toss game (2X4)

    Marty Cole – Folding table

    Floyd Yoder – Box (2X4)

    Larry Simmons – Shaker box

    Greg Merithew – Checkers table w/checkers (2X4)

    Dennis Daudelin – Toy soldier & Mrs. Soldier (2X4)

    Reuel Detweiler – Deer intarsia (2X4)

In appreciation for all that Advantage Lumber does for the club, Marvin Stoltzfus turned a custom bat and ball with the Advantage Lumber logo on it in living color. He plans to present to Rob Pelc, the owner of Advantage Lumber. Thanks for doing that Marvin.

Quarterly Show & Tell drawing (Oct – Dec): Denny Wetter

Raffle: Randy Cooper and Ed Colombo

Drawing: Neil McCullough, Jim Roland, Rick Anderson and Mike Swart.

 Next Month’s Meeting – May 10, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Advantage Lumber.   

Spring Picnic and 2×4 Contest 2017

Over 50 people attended the Spring Picnic. There was a LOT of good food at the picnic – pulled pork, chicken wings, salads, vegetables…and DESSERTS too.  We also had a lot of fun eating, visiting and enjoying the 2×4 contest entries.  

A total of 13 people entered the 2X4 contest. It was amazing to see all the wonderful things they could make with a simple 2X4. 

These are the entrants:

Terry Bair – Bean bag toss (alligator)            James Bassett – yellow chair

Fred Damianos – Circle frame w/mirror      Dennis Daudelin – Mr. Soldier & Sally

Reuel Detweiler – Deer intarsia                        Mike Dummitt – Picture frame

Neil McCullough – American flag intarsia    Greg Merithew – checkerboard table/checkers

John Peasley – Horse head intarsia                  John Philips – yellow table

Marvin Stoltzfus – Segmented bowl w/flowers    Mike Swart – bandsaw box w/flocking

Floyd Yoder – box

Congratulations go to the winners of this year’s contest: First Place – Marvin Stoltzfus, Second Place – Mike Swart and Third Place – Greg Merithew. 

A big THANK YOU goes to those who brought food, helped organize and set things up, and to the entrants of the 2X4 Contest.

Don’t wait …start making plans now for your entry into next year’s 2X4 contest!