Florida West Coast Woodworkers

August 2017 – Jigs & Fixtures

There were 36 people present, 34 members and two first time guests (Jeff Futch and Gary Denton), at this month’s meeting.


“Jigs and Fixtures” – were presented by different club members.  A “jig” is a type of tool used to control the location or motion of another tool. A fixture is a support or work holding device used to hold work in place. The following jigs/fixtures were presented:

  • Rocking slab drill guide – John Slezak
  • Wide finger & socket jig – Joe Mannke
  • Pipe clamp prop, table saw Stops, skill saw cutting edge guide, credit card glue spreader, spline jig, mystery router table hold down – Terry Bair
  • Drill press angle cradle – Andy DiLorenzo
  • Table saw outfeed table with rollers – George Norton
  • Flat glue up jig – Marty Cole
  • Drill press vise clamp – Rick Anderson
  • Kreg jig all-in-one storage/holding box, sharpening kit – Alan Brown
  • Wood bending jig – Neil McCollough
  • Lathe steady rest jig – John Philips


“Ask the President” – President Joe Mannke gave club members an opportunity to ask him questions about the club.

  1. This year’s summer attendance seems like it is more than last year. Is this true?
    1. Yes, our summer attendance is greater this year than last. Our attendance increases even more during the winter months.
  2. How many members are in the club?
    1. Our club is approaching 90 members. My goal is for the club to have 100 members by the end of this year.


Business Meeting

Shop Meets & Demonstration Meets – People Needed: We are looking for people to sign up for Shop Meets and Demonstration Meets. Please contact Joe Mannke or Rick Anderson if you are interested.

 Shop Meet (August 21): Tony D’Alberto’s house, at 7:00 p.m. His address is – 6820 Anchor Way (in Gulf Gate), in Sarasota. Bring a chair.  

A reminder –

  • Happy Hour – 6 to 7 p.m. is a time to socialize and purchase that special piece of wood from Advantage Lumber.
  • Election of New Officers takes place in December. Two nominations have been received for the position of Vice-president – John Peasley and Jim Bassett. Still looking for nominations/volunteers for Club Secretary. Contact Joe Mannke, Club President, with your suggestions.

Next Month’s Presentation – Intarsia by Joe Mathis.  This will be a two-part series for September and October – Part 1 What is intarsia and some tricks and tips; Part 2 Creating intarsia works of art.  You won’t want to miss these fun and educational presentations!

Upcoming Events

  • December 13, 2017: Holiday Dinner Party/ Auction/ Voting on new Club officers. (Make 2 wood items to bring – one as gift and one for auction)
  • February 2018: FL State Fair (February 8-19, 2018) To enter an item in the “Woodworking” or “Fine Furniture” division of the Fair, Registration must be received by January 5, 2018.
  • Other upcoming events – Wood Working Show (March), Sarasota County Fair (March), Spring Picnic & 2X4 Contest (April)

Show and Tell:

James Bassett – Maple bent wood table

John Philips – Grandfather clock and showed book on “Jigs & Fixtures”

Terry Bair – 2 short cypress tables, small tray from scrap wood, scroll sawn cardinal ornament and scroll sawn cardinal plaque

Quarterly Show and Tell Drawing: Joe Mathis