The club membership is comprised of men and women, who enjoy woodworking of all types. Some build furniture, some do turning, some scroll saw art, some carve, but all enjoy the company of others with like interest. Many have years of experience in the joys of woodworking and others are just beginners.

The club is a wonderful venue for learning from your peers, for exchanging ideas and most of all having a good time while doing so.

We hold three meeting a month: see calendar below

  • General meet,7pm on the second Wednesday of the month at Advantage Lumber, where we have a program and speaker, drawings, and member show some of there latest projects.
  • Turners/Demonstration meet, on the week following the general meeting, members volunteer to have a demonstration at there shop, they choose the day of the week. This could be on any aspect of woodworking: turning, bending, veneering, hand tool techniques,  inlay, etc.
  • Shop meet, the second Monday after the general meeting, where we poke around some one’s shop and share some conversation and some eats.

All members have a common love for working with wood and woodworking tools and have had unique experiences, so please join in the activities and share yours with others.

We are all amateur woodworkers.
Amateurs do what they do because they love the art, nothing would stop them as they pursue their craft. 
Amateurs are like sponges, soaking in everything they learn from whatever source,  then filtering out the dross to get to the core of what they value most.
Amateurs never work for money or at least for money alone but actually do what they do  simply because it’s humbling to learn .
Amateurs live their craft life with a certain edge-of-your-seat anticipation of what’s to come.


Events Calendar (click on the day for details)