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Month: September 2013

Shop Meet at Tony’s on 7-21-13

Tony was nice enough to open his well used shop to us for a shop meet.  He was also excited to show off some of his custom embroidery equipment–when Tony says, “Darn it,” he may not mean what you think!

Some guests at Tony's shop solve the world's problems

Tony shows off some of his club door prizes.


Clearly Tony needs on of those tools to open plastic packaging!


One of his projects in progress.


Tony may drive this Toyota more than his station wagon.  This embroidery machine is computer driven and can push needles faster that the eye can see.


A close up of a custom embroidery in progress.


Tony sends  requested embroidery designs out to someone who digitizes them for use on his machine.  When asked, Tony refuses to divulge his sources.  If you need a custom embroidery job, contact Tony directly, his shirt or yours.


Some shop meet guests solve the world’s problems with the help of the graciously provided refreshments.  Thanks Tony!

Contents of this post and original photographs provided by Andrew DiLorenzo

Shop Meet at Larry’s Shop

What I saw

Larry was nice enough to host a shop meet at his shop and provide refreshments.  Larry has recently began to study some of the old traditional methods of woodworking, including hand tools and presented us with a brief demonstration of the use of hand saws.

Saw demonstration

Saw demonstration

He had two saws to demonstrate, one cut right away and the other fought all the way through the board.  No one could offer a reason for the difference, and both saws were available for inspection, with the thought that the sharpening method made all the difference, as both saws were sharp, but something was different.

Larry demonstrating the difference in two of his saws.

Larry demonstrating the difference in two of his saws.

There was interest in what Larry calls his favorite push stick, as it is a “spanner” that goes across the width of the rip fence on his table saw.  Made entirely out of scrap wood, this style spanner keeps his finger on the other side of the rip fence from the blade.  The small notch on the blade side provides the push and the two push block sides keep the movement parallel to the rip fence.


Larry's favorite   push stick style

 Sketchup model of Larry’s favorite push stick.


Contents of this post and original photographs provided by Andrew DiLorenzo.

President’s Message for August

Awfully hot and awfully humid—not the best weather conditions for woodworkers, unless they have an air-conditioned space. So it’s time not only to look back, but also to look forward to our cooler times.

At our general meeting on the 14th, we featured club members’ information about their favorite finishes. Each person explained how to apply a particular finish and why he/she would choose to use it. Look for this information to show up on our website. If you want more details about one of these finishes, contact the presenter.

On the next Monday evening, Denny again hosted the Turners’ Meet. He made a multi-axis pencil holder, an adaptation of a ball with holes bored from different axes, quite unusual.

The following week, Andy hosted the Shop Meet, in his wonderful air-conditioned shop. In fact, he said he chose August because he did have air-conditioning. We survived the rain and the frogs, and we all had a pleasant time.

Thank you to Denny and Andy for volunteering your shops.

Even if this weather isn’t conducive for working in your shop, you have to admit it’s fine for sitting inside and planning. And there are two events coming up for you to showcase your work—our holiday party and the State Fair.

Each year, for our December general meeting, in addition to our holiday party, we raise funds for the club by auctioning projects. Each member donates a couple of items for the auction, one small and one large (or more valuable), and Denny acts as auctioneer. All proceeds go to the club, and each winning bidder comes away with a quality project suitable for himself/herself or a gift.

And, although the Florida State Fair (in Tampa) is not until February, the paperwork for entering a project needs to be completed in December. Check out the poster that I will e-mail to you, by clicking on VIEW. Remember that this is a state fair, and it would be quite a compliment to you to win any level of ribbon.

See you all in September,


September 11: General meeting with Art Worth presenting

September 16: Turners’ Meet at Denny’s

September 23: Shop Meet at John Philips’

Content provided by Susan Darovec.