There were 26 members present and 2 guests. The guests were: David James, Jason Peters


          Matt Delaney brought in his spring-pull lathe.IMG_1111 He had constructed it out of yellow pine and maple in just a half day, spending about $70. He talked about the way the “spring” is constructed, the way the “pull” cord needs to be vertical, and the design of the foot “pedal”.IMG_1108IMG_1109IMG_1107 He demonstrated the cut, only on the down swing, and said he could use the tool’s bevel to burnish the wood on the up swing. You can’t be in a hurry, he said, and you’ll lose weight. He uses a plane or draw knife to prep the wood, getting more of an octagonal shape before placing it between centers.

Club Business

Turners’ Meet May 19, Denny Wetter’s house

Shop Meet, May 25, Matt Delaney’s house

Next general meeting is June 10


            Our guests, David and Jason, are from Advantage Lumber, 7524 Commerce Place. They donated several pieces of wood to the door prizes.

Mike Swart will be bringing ash and red oak back from a trip to Ohio, by the July meeting. Let him know if you want any.

John Philips still has some black walnut from his son’s trip.

The SunCoast Science Center is now open. It has some computer driven wood-working tools.

Show and Tell

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